• Case Management

    Case Management

    Medical case management efficiently and cost effectively aimed to return the injured individual to their pre-injury status and job.

  • Vocational Services

    vocational services

    Lombardi Associates assesses an individual’s capacity for competitive employment pre- and post-injury. Job titles, actual job openings and salary range, educational level, work history and current physical capabilities are utilized as part of assessment.

  • Crisis Intervention

    - Critical Incident Stress Management

    - 24-7 Support Line

    - Work Place Violence

    - Employee Intervention Consulting

    Lombardi Associates Corporate Crisis Support (CCS) service is a nationwide support program for employers and their employees along with their families in response to work place accidents or violence that results in death or life altering injury.

  • Medical Cost Projections
    Life Care Plans

    Customized claimant reports are based on a review of medical records in collaboration with medical providers, case managers when applicable, and a review of payments made to date.

  • Legal Nurse Consulting

    Utilized by both attorneys and insurance companies for evaluation, analyzing and rendering specialized opinions while acting as collaborators and strategists in medically related review and litigation.

  • Medicare Set Asides

    Medical costs are skyrocketing

    A Medicare Set Aside allocation is a cost analysis of the amount of dollars that should be set aside in an interest bearing account for future injury related medical expenses of the type typically covered by Medicare.

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